New Fuel S.A.        Plants of Biodiesel elaboration    Completely automatized    Fulfill all the international standards. 

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Fully Stand Alone Automatics Biodiesel Plants

  Plants Flow Chart   Model:PL-20 Plant Model:PL-60 Plant Model:PL-120 Plant
    24.000 Lts/Day 72.000 Lts/Day 144.000 Lts/Day
  PL-20 Plant     Including  stops dayfor maintenance. Including  stops dayfor maintenance. Including  stops dayfor maintenance.
        656.000 Lts/Month 2.000.000 Lts/Month 4.000.000 Lts/Month
  PL-60 Plant  

8.000 M3/Year

24.200 M3/Year

48.400 M3/Year


  PL-120 Plant  
  Auxiliary Units  
  Production Cost    
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Up to 180.000 Lts/Day
Up to 300.000 Lts/Day

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    Our Biodiesel Plants Includes   Our advantages
  Process Engeneering
  • Compact contaneirized (40" ISO container) Construction.

  • Minimun infraestructure required.

  • Low initial investment,Fast amortisation,allows descentralized production model.

  • Plug and play technology, quick coupling system, ready for production delivery.

  • Auxiliar Modules provides valuable by-products that add profit to the overal production.

  • Autofeedback boiler-water fuel.

  • Safety process. Produces no pollution or waste. Wasted waterrecicle system available.

  • Fast delivery time. 180 days after purchase order.

More ...

  Construction Oversight
  Installation Site Engeneering Design
  ASME-NFPA 30-ASTM-DIN-CE-ISO- Quality Certifications.
  Start up And operations Turnkey assistance.
  Laboratory procedure training.
  Computerized Process Control
  Training for operative plant personel
  Modular 1000 or 3000 Lts/h enlargement   Our auxiliary Modules
  (in parallel with those already existent.) Methanol recovery and reuse unit.
  Methanol reconcentrate unit.
  Liquid fertilized unit.
  Glycerin grade 90% recovery unit.
  Pesticide - fungicide - germicide - biodegradable unit.
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